Name: Barbagli, Guido
Date and place of birth: Pieve Santo Stefano (Arezzo) 22 January 1950
Nationality: Italian
  After having graduated from Classical High School, he attended Medical School and discussed his thesis on "The role played by inflammatory ailments of the prostate in male sterility", with Prof. Alfiero Costantini, the Director of the Urologic Clinic of the University of Florence, as supervisor.
January 1st 1985 - December 31st 1985 he was awarded a research grant by Fiuggi for a
research on cristalluria in urinary calcolosis to be performed at the University of Florence.
April 1978 - November
he attended the Urologic Clinic of the University of Florence as Volunteer In-house Doctor.
October 28th 1982 he obtained his Postgraduate Degree in Urology from the Urology Postgraduate Department of the University of Florence, with the highest grade and with cum laude
1979 he completed his required six-month internship in Urology
Foreign Languages: Excellent Knowledge of the English Language both spoken and written

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