Non-surgical Management of Peyronie Disease

Over the years, a wide variety of medications have been used to treat Peyronie’s disease. As a result of the lack of a clear understanding of the etiopathophysiology, a cure has not been found.
During the intial six months of the disorder, erections can be painful. Eventually, even in the absence of treatment, the pain usually goes away. Unfortunately, bending does not always follow the same pattern.

Oral Therapy

Scientific evidences suggest  that there is no benefit with respect to deformity reduction with any oral therapy, including Vitamin E, potassium aminobenzoate, colchicine, tamoxifen, and carnitine.

Intralesional Injections Iontophoresis

Several controlled trials had evidence of reduced deformity following iontophoresis treatment using verapamil and dexamethasone.


Although initial studies failed to demonstrate any efficacy of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) for the treatment of P, more recent studies suggest a possible role of ESWL in the reduction of pain.

Penile Traction Devices

Early evidence from two small noncontrolled prospective trials have reported a reduction of deformity and increased penile length with traction therapy.

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