Post-operative Care

In our practice, a daily PDE5 inhibitor is prescribed postoperatively to increase penile blood flow in the immediate postoperative period. In order to help prevent penile shortening and re-curvature, patients are advised to begin use of penile stretching device once postoperative bruising and edema are largely resolved (approximately 3-4 weeks postop).

Penile stretching
Penile stretching

Utilization of vacuum device after 4 weeks, slowly and progressively, is indicated for the minimum of 3 months, in some cases 6 months or more, to increase blood inflow into remaining cavernosal tissue.

Video Vacuum Device

The goal of this therapy is to prevent or to minimize graft contracture particularly in the early postoperative period. In patients with penile prosthesis implantation, we advise use of vacuum device, starting 4 weeks postoperatively, to develop remaining erectile tissue, which provides additional erection. Postoperative penile pain is a common complaint and corresponds to sensory nerve recovery after operative stretching of the neurovascular bundles. Reassurance and analgesics prove to be, in most cases, temporary phenomenon.

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